Having worked in technology (printers specifically) for 30+ years, and having an eye for photography and creative talent, we thought there had to be a way to work in both fields simultaneously. How can we work with photographic images and the ever-changing field of technology in a way that is both satisfying (creatively) and exciting?

That’s when IMAGEology was conceived. IMAGEology is the marriage of images and technology, brought together to make stunning photographic art that lasts forever.

What People Say

Photos don’t need wooden frames and glass anymore. The image is so clear and vibrant that I just hang them on the wall as is. They’re beautiful.

Rosemarie S

Wow! Quality work and stunning results.

Matthew P

Having our wedding photo printed on metal and having it prominently displayed in the center of our family photographs makes that wall really POP! Thank You!!

Victor S

Let’s build something together.