Beautiful images shouldn’t hide behind glass and frames.

Sublimation answers this with vibrant colors and a smooth, extreme high-gloss metal surface. Our photo panels produce stunning images from your best photos that last a lifetime.

Picture Perfect!

Submit your best hi-res photos and be amazed what our technicians can do with them.

Variable Sizes

Order Yours up to 11 x 17″


IMAGEology’s photo panels are scratch & fade resistant. Unlike glass, they won’t break if dropped.

Upload your best photos to create:

With Super-Gloss metal photo panels, the colors in your photo are just so vibrant. No other medium provides this type of color brilliance. Amazing!

IMAGEology’s metal photo panels are scratch and fade resistant in addition to being durable enough to last a lifetime.

About Us

With 30+ years in the printing business, we know a thing or two about Images & Technology. IMAGEology is the marriage of these two exciting fields to create beautiful art that lasts a lifetime.



Drop By

IMAGEology is local to the greater San Diego area. You will find us at specialty events around the county as well motorcycle rallies, car shows, swap meets, etc. Text your best photos to us and have them printed on stunning high-gloss metal, Drink Coasters, Mouse Pads, or License Plates & Ornaments while you wait.